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Lesotho, known as the Mountain Kingdom or Kingdom in the Sky, holds a wealth of different experiences in store for those who visit there.

Mountains, valleys and rivers present unforgettable panoramas for tourists. The mountains are the source of Lesotho’s crystal-clear water, which also waters the green pastures for livestock.

Diamonds are amongst the minerals found in the mountains.

The Eastern Highlands in Lesotho, in particular , the flats on top of Sani Pass, reaches temperatures of up to – 21 degrees , making the area by far one of the coldest in Africa. There are no trees growing at this altitude of 2874 meters above sea level, and the Basotho folk have to make use of shrubs and cow dung to fuel their fires;
The Basotho folk use blankets for both sleeping and as jackets; and in order to sample and experience Lesotho is to enjoy a 4X4 trip up The Sani Pass The Sani Pass is part of a World Heritage Site and once was a rough mule trail descending the Eastern Highlands of old Basutoland into Natal.

Tough drivers brought wool and mohair down the Pass on donkeys and mules to be exchanged for blankets, clothing and maize meal, the essentials for life in a remote, impoverished country.

A young man had a dream of operating a motor vehicle service up this fantastic Pass, using the 4 wheel drive vehicles he had seen on service in the second World War.

His name was David Alexander and he founded Sani Pass Tours in 1955 operating on the Sani Pass ever since.

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